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“Our roots run deep” means we are more than just a local tree service. We are a Veteran owned small business with a pride for our great nation. Semper Fi Tree Services also strives to give back to our local community in as many ways as we can. When we were creating the business and slogan, we wanted something that really encompassed all the aspects of our business. From our line of services, to the history of who we are and what is important to us as company as well as a family. Being a family owned small business, it is important to us that we do all that we can to support other local small businesses; because we know we are not just supporting that company but the company’s family as well. When you become a customer of Semper Fi Tree Services, you become part of something bigger than just being a customer! You become a supporter of Small businesses in your community and part of our family!

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Meet the members of our team and become more than a customer, become a part of our family!

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