Yes!! We are fully Licensed and insured within all the standards of the state of Florida. It is important to only hire a company that is Licensed and Insured for the safety of your property & the safety of our crew. These policies are what will protect you in the unfortunate event that damage occurs. Copies of our documentation are available upon request.
Rule of thumb is, if it’s more than 6 Feet off the ground- Hire a Professional! Without the proper equipment and training, even what may seem like a simple task can quickly become dangerous to you or your property. Our crew is professionally trained with years of experience to be able to safely navigate any tree situation you may have.
Trimming your trees help them grow to their maximum potential. Naturally trees will prune themselves by limbs dying and falling to the ground or by having help from a weathered storm. This can be a serious hazard to you, your family & your property. The last thing you want is a dead limb falling on your roof. Even the smallest of limbs can weigh a few hundred pounds or more.

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