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Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that steals water and nutrients from trees and plants. Healthy trees can withstand small amounts of Mistletoe, but if not addressed by an arborist, it can quickly spread throughout the entire tree. In extreme cases, it can consume and eventually kill your tree.

Small amounts of moss in your trees can be very aesthetically pleasing to most homeowners, as well as attract birds and wildlife, but too much moss can choke your tree. When a tree is covered in moss, it shaded the tree from getting vital sunlight. Moss when wet can become very heavy, causing extra stress on the limbs of your trees. When moss is dry, it can block the wind flow through the branches of your trees. Large amounts of moss can potentially put your tree at serious risk in a storm, as well as your property if a limb were to break.

Unfortunately, mistletoe and moss can both cause greater harm than good to your trees. Having an Arborist come out to assess your mistletoe and moss situation can help you create a plan to maximize the health and life span of your trees, as well as preserve the safety of your property.

A little bit of moss can draw a beautiful contrast with the bright green color of a tree and looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Too much Spanish moss on your trees may end up creating too much shade for the tree&qrs;s leaves and cause harmful stress.