Seasonal pruning is a simple way to make your home or business more beautiful and improve the health of your trees.

Pruning is by far one of the most important task in maintaining the health of your trees. Pruning from a young age can shape your tree’s future, and not just aesthetically. Proper pruning encourages healthy growth allowing you to have a tree that will last for generations. However, if done improperly you can make your tree vulnerable to a variety of issues. Most commonly, improper pruning techniques can leave exposed wounds that may not heal correctly leaving your tree at risk for diseases, decaying or worst case ultimately kill the tree. Our knowledgeable arborist can assess and educate you on what your trees need.

Tree Pruning
This process lightens the weight of the tree, thus encouraging growth within the tree itself. However, it is also an important step in storm preparation by culling dead limbs and preventing them from falling on your property and causing damage.
The process of trimming lower limbs creates an aesthetically pleasing effect that homeowner’s desire. Additionally, this can be done in regularly travelled locations, perhaps over driveways or walkways so that you can safely pass underneath.
The process of thinning a tree can be used for many reasons but is most often it is used to allow light to penetrate to the interior to allow more growth from within the crown of the tree.
Pruning can be used to limit the growth of some trees. This process must be performed during the appropriate time of year. This should be done by a professional in order to ensure the health of the tree.

Let Semper Fi Tree Services help you maintain the beauty and health of the trees on your property. Protect your home and business from unwanted damage due to deadfall.

In Florida, we have a plethora of plam trees in various types, shapes, and sizes. Pruning these trees will instantly beautify for your home or business.