Completely removing an entire tree can look easy, but we would not recommend you try it yourself. What seems like a simple task can very quickly become dangerous and costly!

Without the proper training and equipment, one wrong cut could mean a limb is now taken out your roof or laying on your vehicle. There are a variety of reasons that you would want to remove a tree and when that time comes you want a trusted skilled professional to ensure that it is done safely and properly.

Situations that may require you to remove a tree would be:

  • Dying, already dead or diseased.
  • Growing too close to your house, structures or powerlines.
  • Damaged from a storm that has caused weakness in the stability of the tree.
  • Leaning in a direction that could be dangerous to you or your structures.

Trees can be maintained for many years by frequently cutting out all dead or diseased portions and watering deeply when needed if the homeowner wants to try and keep the tree and the high costs of doing so isn’t an deterrent. Unfortunately, continually removing dead wood can be very expensive and concerns sometime arise from neighbors about the likelihood of damage to their property.